About Float OM Kiama

When did you last unplug from your chaotic life and busy external world. When was the last time you really cleared your mind and let it think about nothing. A healthy body and a healthy mind are intrinsically linked to optimum well being and functioning. Float therapy is designed to rest the mind and the body allowing you to enjoy your sensations of a clear mind to make more creative and concise thoughts. When anxiety is stopping you from being productive and think laterally we have found floating relieves anxiety so you view things for a completely different point to help solve problems and put things in perspective.

Float therapy is a very personal thing. Everyday we are in a different place physically and mentally and as a result when you float you get a different response. But one thing does remain consistent. When you have floated you feel relieved and relaxed, regardless of where you were immediately before floating. Floating, like meditation requires you to give up time in your busy day. To say to yourself everything I do for everyone and myself  has allowed me to deserve to treat myself this way. From this point the benefits of the time spent floating returns in the benefits of how it makes you feel and behave in multiple amounts. Whether it be you need more sleep, you need to reduce stress and anxiety, you need to promote blood flow, joint and muscle relief or you want to heighten your senses and enjoy your surroundings and the people in it more floating will have a profound affect on one or many of these desired outcomes.

Our massage allows you to either relax and breath fresh life into your body or correct imbalance and problem areas to walk, run and live with reduced pain and increased movement. Combining massage and floating puts you in a whole new level of mind and body relaxation and rejuvenation.

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