Meet Jamie Williams

I am passionate about people being at their best physically, mentally and spiritually. I am very interested in swimming, bike riding and running and have completed 19 Ironman Triathlons and competed in the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii in 2015. My massage practice specialises in remedial, sports and therapeutic massage to help heal and restore the well being of people on various levels. I am an avid floater and float every second day to ensure I have a clear and present mind to my environment, my business, my friends and most importantly my family! I am also a devoted meditator and have first hand experience in the benefits of combining floating and meditation. I understand the benefits and massage and floating and get great satisfaction sharing peoples journey and transformation through both these modalities. My business is designed to be affordable and easily accessible. I operate flexible hours that suit busy lifestyles and best align with individuals required outcomes. I am very pleased to offers these profoundly beneficial health services and look forward to seeing you in the near future!

For more information or to make an appointment please get in touch.